CUSTOMER STORY: Clinical Laboratories

World’s Largest Healthcare Diagnostics Company

Sterling’s Healthcare team is a valuable partner that has helped simplify our complex background screening process."
Director of Employment, Retention, and Compliance
Volume, complexity, accuracy, and compliance

The world’s largest healthcare diagnostics company operates a sophisticated laboratory network that processes tests on approximately 500,000 specimens each day, applying advances in medicine and science to laboratory testing.

The company has partnered with Sterling since 2001 to solve hiring and retention challenges. With over 9000 background screening checks conducted per year, the firm has myriad screening packages available. Not only must it ensure that the correct test is administered for each one, but also that the specific regulations set forth by each requesting organization are followed.

Candidates from a wide range of roles are screened, including clerks, custodians, nurses’ aides, healthcare practitioners, lab technicians, and senior executives. Because of these complexities, an easy, efficient, and professional candidate experience is paramount for the organization, as are speed and accuracy.

Additionally, as a medical testing facility, the company must maintain regulatory compliance in all procedures – and needs to be audit-ready at all times.

Responsive and scalable solution

The Sterling Healthcare & Life Sciences team works with the organization’s Director of Employment and her team to tailor scalable background screening packages to the firm’s complex and changing needs. Sterling created a responsive program that includes bi-weekly status calls to proactively discuss emerging trends and challenges, as well as to maintain platform efficacy, promote regulatory compliance, and overall client satisfaction. Sterling also integrated the platform with the company’s ATS, ADP Recruiting Management, to streamline the hiring process.

The Sterling account team provides the organization’s Director a weekly report for background screening orders, turnaround times, and screening statuses. The team also shares product updates and release information.

Results that speak volumes

The diagnostics company now has an efficient, scalable system that allows it to provide more comprehensive screening information to its internal clients faster and with greater attention to compliance obligations.

“Sterling’s Healthcare team is a valuable partner that has helped simplify our background screening process,” says the organization’s Director of Employment.

Thanks to the reports that Sterling provides, the organization has a clearer understanding of – the efficiency of its processes, the volume of specific business areas, what’s working well, and where improvements can be made.

Built-in flexibility provides peace of mind for the organization’s Director of Employment on many levels. Background screening services can be added or adapted quickly and easily, which enables her team to respond to changing client demands promptly, meet evolving market needs, and stay abreast of ever-changing federal, state, and local regulations.

“We appreciate Sterling’s responsiveness, and its ability to understand our business and find the best solution no matter how complex the situation,” she concludes.

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