CUSTOMER STORY: Biopharmaceutical Company

Biopharmaceutical Company Highlights Sterling's Healthcare Expertise as Key Benefit

Platform and people

According to the US Systems Specialist – Talent Acquisition Operations for a large global biopharmaceutical company, Sterling’s strong platform and healthcare-centric client service were key differentiators when deciding to partner with Sterling.

“Sterling offers a solid platform to log into,” says the representative. “It’s secure, has a great user interface, is easy to navigate, and has a global presence. It’s the platform’s user-friendliness that makes a difference. The Sterling Healthcare team is also a great resource for us. They provide proactive guidance, and I can email them a question at any time – whether it’s about technology, processes, or if we need information on best practices – and they always respond to me quickly and thoroughly.”

With Sterling, I feel we have the right solutions that are tailored to our needs on a personal level.
US Systems Specialist- Talent Acquisition Operations, Biopharmaceutical Company
A straightforward solution

The company representative relates that Sterling’s best-practices recommendations came squarely into play when the company was looking to expand its drug screening packages and considering adding testing options.

“When we took the screening requirements information back to the Sterling team,” she explains, “they let us know a bit about how other organizations in our space were effectively handling similar drug screening needs.”

Sterling’s guidance proved instrumental in the decision-making process because it provided her team with a clear, logical best-practices recommendation to counter the many opinions coming from internal stakeholders.

“Some people were saying, ‘Maybe you should do this,’ or ‘We think you should add that.’ It was really great to go back to Sterling and say, ‘We’re getting all this information – what do you think? Can you help guide us in a way that’ll meet some of the demands that are coming in, and make sure that we’re testing properly?’ They did, and were able to recommend a drug screening package that best suited our specific needs.”

The speed with which Sterling made its recommendation enabled the company’s new drug screening package to be implemented quickly and easily, she added. “With Sterling’s guidance, it was really simple to make the changes we needed in the system and roll it out fast. The quickness of that response, along with the knowledge Sterling has in that space, was really appreciated.”

Industry expertise tailored to fit

In addition to fast, thoughtful guidance, the Talent Acquisition Operations expert says it is Sterling’s personal touch in meeting her team’s needs that stands out in her mind as a true partnership.

“Personalization would be the word I’d use to describe Sterling’s services as being a big benefit for us,” she concludes. “We have a really tight working relationship. In the past, working with some other companies we’ve used, I felt more like we were just a number. With Sterling, I feel we have the right solutions that are tailored to our needs on a personal level. They help us figure out what’s going on and what to do about it rather than just ticking the boxes for a client, which can feel like getting lost without that personal touch.”

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