June 23rd, 2022 | Sterling

The Sterling model – Our Unique Service Delivery Model

Sterling has been operating in the background screening and verification industry for over 25 years. During this time, we have global offices across key markets, and we conduct 95 million searches for over 25,000 clients across geographical lines annually.

Although we have grown and evolved, our overarching aim has largely remained the same – to create safer work environments and experiences for our clients.

We have developed a unique delivery model of our services to clients to achieve this aim after plenty of experience and by iterating and testing different approaches.

Our service delivery model is based around a client-first approach, and the primary tenets of the model are to:

  • support and advise our clients throughout the background screening process and foster a positive and effective working relationship with them (via our account management services), and
  • deliver timely and accurate background checks (via our case management services).

Account management services

In order to provide effective support and advice to our clients and to nurture a positive working relationship, we assign experienced account managers to each client as their primary point of contact. Account managers provide progress updates on searches and checks to their clients to ensure the lines of communication are clear, timely, and relevant.

Account managers also support their clients at a strategic level by recommending suitable and tailored screening packages for the needs of their client companies. They can further provide more in-depth analysis such as risk vs cost benefits for each screening service.

Case management services

Our delivery model is also designed to provide accurate and timely checks to our clients, as we understand that our clients are working in a busy, fast-paced business world where time is of the essence.

Our case management services are therefore in place to provide support on each account at a transactional level. Case managers fulfill the day-to-day requirements of processing checks, ensuring they are conducted in a timely manner, and managing back-end processes like populating reports and results into a client’s portal.

Case managers are truly the backbone of our company in terms of processing checks quickly and accurately – a characteristic that Sterling prides itself on.

Our unique delivery model

With their forces combined, case management and account management staff are both vital to delivering optimal services for our clients. Case management staff ensure the speedy processing of checks, whilst account management staff provide the client-facing service needed for a smooth and synchronised relationship.

We have developed this unique delivery model over our many years in the industry and have found this model to be the most effective for delivering our services in an impactful and timely way.

We hope you find our services delivered on these goals – please contact us here if you have any feedback or any other suggestions on how we could improve our service delivery to you.

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